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A good reminder during this new lockdown....

Working parents want kids to go back to school because school closures directly impacts them.

Teachers don’t want schools to open because COVID spreading round their schools directly impacts them.

NHS staff want a full lockdown because sick COVID patients directly impacts them.

Business owners want to carry on as normal because lockdown directly impacts them.

People with physical health problems want everyone to stay socially distant because catching COVID could kill them.

People with mental health problems want people to spend time with because isolation could kill them.

Some can’t wait for a vaccine because they believe it will bring back some normality.

Some are terrified of a vaccine because they believe it could harm them.

We are all going through this but none of us are going through the same thing. Some face crippling financial challenges, others face heart break. We don’t all have to agree with what is best because what’s best for us won’t be best for everyone. We don’t have to understand what others are going through. But we do need to stick together and keep loving each other no matter our differences. We need to be mindful when some things go the way we want it to, it could be terrible news to another person. We need to be kind.

英里程每天跟香港的家長聊天,都是一連串沒有絕對答案的討論,無論是子女的升學計劃、家庭安居之處、人生該走的方向... 為子女開啟一道可以通向美好將來的門,什麽是“美好”? 見仁見智! 為家庭籌劃更快樂幸福的明天,怎樣才是“快樂幸福”? 就視乎你追求什麼。正如上文所說“what's best for us won't be best for everyone", 每一個人的處境不同、取態也不同。所以,朋友們,just follow your heart, 為自己和子女建立心中理想的人生!

「蓬莱,應不遠,天風海浪,滿目凄清。」(满庭芳·劉克莊) 2021年之始,瘟疫遍全球,人心慘淡,人世間何處筧蓬莱? There is no paradise on Earth, 但蓬萊,確不遠,其實在心內,英里程祝福大家:2021年無論身在何方,何去何從 ,天堂在你心!

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